Florida’s Most Sought-After Entertainer

Ensure the success of your next event!

After thousands of performances, in every imaginable setting, across the globe, Daytona Beach Magician Keith Raygor guarantees a worry-free event for you.

Whether you have 5 people or 2,000, or need to fill 10 minutes or 6 hours, Keith will customize a show to your specific event to make sure you have exactly the right kind of entertainment to astonish every one of your guests.

Mix in his passion with his genuine love of people, and everyone in the room shines; every single person participates. And you’ll get to hear their thanks well into the future.

The bottom line: Your guests will never forget the exhilarating experience of Daytona Beach Magician Keith Raygor’s engaging magic and mindreading. And you’ll never forget his worry-free professionalism.

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Daytona Beach Magician Keith Raygor - Magic Show Florida

Stage Show

Magic, music, and mindreading in one show.
Close Up Magic Show Keith Raygor Daytona Beach Florida

Close-up Magic

Laughter & astonishment while everyone participates!
Weddings & Proposals Magic Show Florida

Weddings & Proposals

Bring magic to your cherished event.
Daytona Beach Magic Show Press Kit Keith Raygor

Press Kit & Videos

Media, photos, videos & articles.

Musical Mindreading

Where magic, music and mindreading merge into one superb performance!

The room gets quiet… Someone near the back silently sings their favorite song to themselves. You could hear a pin drop. With the touch of a hand, within moments, Keith is playing that song on the piano! No one other than Keith performs this amazing feat. It must be seen to be believed!

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