Where Magic, Music and Mindreading Merge Into One Superb Stage Show!

The room gets quiet . . . Someone near the back silently sings their favorite song to themselves. You could hear a pin drop. With the touch of a hand, within moments, Keith is playing that song on the piano.

This one of a kind stage show must be seen to be believed. Daytona Beach magician Keith Raygor repeats this feat again and again.

Stage Show - Musical Mindreader Keith Raygor Daytona Beach Florida Stage Show
Stage Show - The Musical Mindreader

No One Other Than Keith Performs This Amazing Feat.

Keith’s stage show mixes in brilliant exchanges of laughter and magic unlike any you’ve ever seen. They’ll not only remember the event, but they’ll remember who made it possible! This is a large part of the reason Keith is repeatedly chosen by event planners for corporate events and private parties across the US and Europe.
Stage Show - The Musical Mindreader

Capturing The Music Of Thoughts

Combining his expertise in communication with his dialog of music, Keith has trained himself to recognize the rhythms subconsciously expressed by you, whether you’re singing a song in your mind or  thinking of a friend or destination; your thoughts become the music of the night. As you think of songs, Keith will perform those songs, all without you uttering a single note.

It's a Magic Show Too!

Magic also plays an integral part in his Musical Mindreader℠ show – the astonishment of your guests in between laughter and melody leads to a wonderful finale!

This one-of-a-kind show entertains, engages and inspires. From start to finish, trust the professionalism that comes from Keith’s thousands of performances. They’ll experience an unforgettable adventure with amazing surprises so be prepared to laugh, and then laugh some more.

Stage Show - The Musical Mindreader

Musical Mindreading in Action!

The Musical Mindreader show is perfect for:

Corporate Events • Country Clubs • After-dinner Banquets • Holiday Parties • Private Parties

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