St. Augustine Corporate Entertainer & Magician Keith Raygor

Make your St. Augustine event unique and memorable, and the talk of the town!
Two different songs!

Musical Mindreader Stage Show

Keith’s renowned Musical Mindreader show combines magic, music, and mindreading into one superb show. One of the highlights has you thinking of a song, and moments later Keith is playing it on the piano. No one other than Keith performs this amazing feat. It must be seen to be believed!

Best for 40 to 1500 people.

Close Up Magic Naples Florida Keith Raygor

Close Up Magic

With close-up magic, you participate in the illusions from mere inches away. You discover you are sitting on the very playing card that vanished from Keith’s fingertips only moments before. With Keith’s close-up shows, every table, small group, and person participates. Everyone experiences the magic firsthand.

Perfect as an icebreaker at parties, reading thoughts while strolling at receptions, or even at after-dinner shows for smaller groups.

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Weddings & Proposals Magic Show Florida

Weddings and Proposals

Keith has unlimited ideas on how to help make your special moments even more dazzling and memorable, always with the sense that he is only facilitating the moment – it really belongs to you. Treat your guests at the rehearsal dinner, during the reception, or while photos are being taken.

Trust your day to someone who helps bring magic to just the right moments of your cherished event.

Ensure the success of your next St. Augustine event!

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