Close-up Magic

With Keith’s close-up shows, every table, small group, and person participates. Everyone experiences the magic firsthand.

With close-up magic, you participate in the illusions from mere inches away. You discover you are sitting on the very playing card that vanished from Keith’s fingertips only moments before. Artwork Keith has you create takes wing and flies unassisted across the table. You think of a song; moments later Keith is singing it.

As a close-up magician and entertainer, Keith is not only in demand in the Daytona Beach, FL area, but his unique display of one-on-one Musical Mindreading and magic has earned him appearances at countless corporate events, country club events and private parties and events across the US and Europe.

Close Up Magic Naples Florida Keith Raygor

Strolling and Mingling

Keith Raygor performs from table to table for seated guests; or from small group to small group such as at a cocktail party or wedding. With this type of close-up magic, Keith will wow, delight, and entertain about fifty to seventy people per hour depending on their seating arrangements.
Stationary Magic Florida Keith Raygor


Keith performs at a table while guests may come and go as they please. This type of close-up magic attracts large crowds, and offers flexibility for you and your guests. It’s especially suitable for hospitality suites and trade shows when you want to engage your guests, and provide them an opportunity to connect with each other.
Close Up Show Florida Keith Raygor

Close-up Show

This theatrical presentation lasts approximately 45 minutes and is perfect for groups numbering 5 to 50. This close-up magic show fits perfectly with holiday events, private parties, and family gatherings. Virtually everyone will play a memorable part in the astonishing events, and they’ll talk about it for a long time.

You Participate in the Magic

Keith Raygor’s earned reputation for his world-class close-up magic combines his wink of an eye, smiles and laughter with the imagination of the showgoers.

His unique approach to the magical arts has earned him two Best Entertainer awards in Florida and a host of Fortune 500 clients. But it’s Keith’s passion and talent that insures everyone in the room participates and shines.

Close Up Magic Show

Close Up Magic is perfect for:

Corporate Events • Country Clubs • After-dinner Banquets • Holiday Parties • Private Parties & more…

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