Tony Dunn and his Talking Magic Blues

The curmudgeonly Tony Dunn is noted throughout the kingdom of magic as one of its finest illustrators. His work is generously sprinkled throughout magic’s highest-regarded books and magazines. As well, he is an accomplished magician and Emcee. He is also a songwriter and picker, whether its a bass, an acoustic guitar, or a ukulele. He recorded this song in the summer of 2006 in my studio, and a few weeks later we had a contest on the Magic Cafe and the Genii Forums to see if anyone could identify the singer/songwriter. It was a lot of fun.

Here’s Tony:

Tony Dunn and his Talking Magic Blues

And here’s his song, titled “Talking Magic Blues”

Talking Magic Blues by Tony Dunn

2 comments on “Tony Dunn and his Talking Magic Blues

  1. Jim Kenaga

    I enjoyed Tony’s song.

    Hope you are well. We are back north, in the cold.

    Stevie Tomatoes in Cape Coral wants me back next season.


    1. Teri Stewart


      I just discovered my Uncle Tony’s song! I enjoyed it very much and got a couple of chuckles out of it! Love You, Uncle Tony, My Godfather!! Have fun and enjoy life!!!



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