Photography and the Camera’s Lens

Photography remains one of my amusements. I love experimenting with digital point and shoot cameras, trying to tweak settings and subjects for unexpected results. My last three cameras have been Canons, after years with Sony point and shoots. My new Canon is still a point and shoot, but this latest prize is called the ELPH 500.

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I used it a few days ago in St. Maarten and love the photos it takes. It has settings for playing around with aperture and shutter priority as well as a high-sensitvity chip. Put in a wide-angle lens and both 24 and 30 frames per seconds video with 1080p resolution, all under $300 that fits in your pocket, and you’ve got a winner.

A bit of HDR-type processing in Photoshop gave several of the photos an almost artificial quality, with the church, and the girls jumping into the water looking as if elements are pasted in. I still think it is an interesting look. I hope you enjoy these photos from our last couple trips to Kauai, St. Maarten and Costa Rica.

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