The Beach Proposal

In June, I was contacted by a young professional from Philadelphia named Chris who’d found me through a Google search.

He knew that I’d helped others with very magical ways of proposing marriage to their future fiancees. I was happy to help, in large part because it’s one of life’s most magical moments, the declaration of undying love.

Chris was coming to Florida in a couple weeks with his girlfriend, Brooke, and wanted to surprise her in a very unique, magical and romantic way. With Chris’ help, we chose a beautiful spot in Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, at the edge of the Gulf on a glorious beach – and a rather quiet one, at that.

On the day of the event, we put the plan into action. My daughter and I arrived at the beach a while after Chris and Brooke, and we selected a spot just about 50 feet away, as we ‘pretended’ to enjoy the surf and sun. After innocent conversation started up, we spoke with them about our vocations, and I offered to show them some magic I had with me. My ruse was that I was on my way to a friend’s house on the beach and planned to show him a new trick. With magic underway, my daughter (a bit of a shutterbug on her first professional assignment!) slyly took pictures of the event as it unfolded.  Within moments, Chris was surreptitiously writing out his proposal under the cover of creating a piece of art, while Brooke kept a close eye on a small box she’d already verified as empty.


You can probably see where this is heading. Within a few moments, we see this remarkable scene on the beach:

On Bended Knee

Of course, Brooke said YES.

Just like magic, my daughter and I made a quiet retreat out of there, leaving Chris and Brooke to enjoy their moments together.

That evening’s plan went perfect. Chris took Brooke out to dinner at the well-known Naples landmark, the Watermark Grille. As they walked into the restaurant, Brooke noticed the signs advertising the magician and recognized my face as the guy from the beach. After some great laughs, conversation, and even a bit more magical mindreading and sleight of hand, I delivered a CD to them both with all the final shots taken by my daughter.

It was a night for goosebumps and love. You know that feeling you get when you know two people have found their soul-mate? That’s Chris and Brooke. Their wedding is coming up soon and I am so honored to have played a tiny part in their adventure.

I’ll look forward to seeing you both again, Chris and Brooke.

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