A landmark in Naples since 1998

The Watermark Grille has been my home, 5 nights a week, for almost 12 years now. The 4 Malo brothers built it and run it to this day. They’ve spent their lives in the restaurant/nightclub business, and if you’ve seen live music in Chicago, chances are you were at one of their places.

Watermark Grille exterior at night

Their idea for the Watermark Grille came to them quite naturally after successfully owning and running several other restaurants in Naples, FL.

I love performing intimate magic, and the Watermark Grille has given me that tableside opportunity for guests from all over the world. If you’re in Naples, stop in – you’ll never forget the food or the design of the restaurant.

Here’s their website:

Watermark Grille interior photo


Watermark Grille owners

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