Paper Puffin • Origami Coloring Ball

I love these.

I’ve gotten to hold them in my hands and instantly feel the wonder of their shape and design, let alone the whimsical art that covers them. The artist, Kayla Carlson (who is also my wonderful daughter-in-law), not only includes these in her new show at the famous Powell’s City of Books in Portland, OR, but she’s created a way for you to color the artwork yourself. She then created a puzzle out of it, while at the same time allowing you to perform beautiful origami done simply.

At their wedding, these filled the air with all sorts of different papers and colors and sizes. They created magic – and now you can, too.

They’re called the Paper Puffin Origami Coloring Ball.

I’m creating a Paper Puffin myself, but also, if you use these as a gift, you’re giving someone moments of fun, creativity, art and challenge all in one. They turn into long-lasting pieces of unique expressions.

On her website, she has better pictures and even instructional videos, along with info on the artist, and how she came to create these original works. Click HERE to see some pretty cool photos.

On her Etsy page, you can view what’s in the kit, and see all 3 different kits, as well as order them. Click HERE for the Etsy page.

Kayla Carlson's Show at Powell's City of Books

Kayla Carlson’s Show at Powell’s City of Books

And if you’re in the Portland, OR area, please stop in at Powell’s City of Books during the rest of December to see Kayla’s work up close. It’s an amazing book store that occupies an entire city block. You can spend hours there and love every minute of it, no matter what your interests. Throw in some vibrant, moving art and you have a recipe for a great day!

Kayla Carlson's Show at Powell's City of Books

More Paper Puffins at Kayla Carlson’s show in Powell’s City of Books in Portland, OR


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