A Magical Proposal

Eric and his girlfriend Kerri have been coming to the Watermark Grille restaurant for years, since their very first date when I performed for them. When the time came for Eric to ask Kerri for her hand in marriage, Eric wrote me and asked if I would play a magical part in their very special moment. They were coming in with another couple – wonderful friends of theirs. I was delighted to be able to help him.

This video captures only the last minute and a half (the most important part!) of the trick. It’s a bit dark, but that won’t stop you from enjoying the beauty of the moment. Kerri is holding a pendant of Mona Lisa over a box she is protecting. With the sound of the fountains in the background, Eric is drawing a picture on a card. She doesn’t know he’s really writing out his proposal on the card.which I have him put away back into the deck. This is where the video picks up.

Thank you to Eric and Kerri for allowing me to share their memorable occasion. These are the moments that remind you of the best life has to offer:

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